Super 8 Film

My media and my work

I am a super 8 film maker for 30 years now. For over 20 years I have been developing my films myself. Super 8 is the perfect media for me. Easy to understand and to handle and so much more beautiful and magical compared to video! Real analog film colours, blacks, greys are by far deeper and profounder than their digital brothers and sisters. Or better: nieces and nephews.
I don‘t want to image the world one-to-one, I want to image the insides and the cracked imperfectness and second-view beauty of the world by an imperfect and sometimes out of focus (but in of heart!), partly unreliable (because I often use very expired film stock) and wabi-sabi-ish always perfectly matching medium!

My films and my bubble

My films have a positive, optimistic tone. I‘m convinced that I‘m in the business of throwing small, short beauty bombs into the world, I cannot help it and I‘ll never stop it. The world is complicated, dangerous and beautiful, people are brutal, greedy and stupid, but also confused, loving and incredibly social.
My films are not obviously political, they are always personal and play in a small, manageable space, bubble, universe. However, you can extrapolate this space.

Coincidence and the beauty of banality

I invite coincidence in my work. I believe that coincidence has creative potential and humour. I am also convinced that beauty is everywhere. I want to burn it on film so I step outside and capture it. No script. Just eyes and camera aware and awake. My work is mostly about small things. Little stories, one message, one thought that evolves.

Selling super 8 film stills

Of course, you can buy wonderful prints at IKEA for not much money and hang them in your home or office. That doesn't compare, however with real art!
A frozen frame, one 24th of a second captured as a single still, professionally scanned, photo-printed on Alu-Dibond with protective UV-foil.
From 20 cm to 80 cm long. For (super 8) film fans, those in search of something special, lovers of beautiful, richly-coloured, decorative and very unique pictures!

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