Eco Processing

How and why eco processing?

I was looking for new developing recipes, being tired of harmful chemicals and getting rid of them after use … and then: I stumbled across Caffenol – photographers have used it for ages!
It consists of instant coffee, washing soda and vitamin c.
So I thought: why not film? I don’t need to buy the developer from big companies, I can mix it myself using everyday household ingredients for almost no money!

And the results were amazing. I wanted more. Tried to figure out what is inside coffee … reading a lot about chemistry, acid, tannins … in the end it‘s all phenols! The beloved little sister of hydroquinone which is a toxic ingredient in most b&w developers.

The results are comparable with conventional developers, there is nothing muddy, limp or brownish, on the contrary: I am always amazed about the richness in gray and contrast, how sensitive these soups work.

I develop all my pinhole negatives exclusively in Caffenol.