Food Waste / Compost

Trying more and more eco processing recipes I started thinking: now what about food waste?

The more I care for ecological processes the more I am fascinated that I can use not only freshly picked flowers or fruit or coffee but also recycle my veggie waste!
The world needs to move toward sustainability and I want to move with it!

Let’s recycle my daily food waste and transform it into a genuine developer!

I had a banana, two apples, a kiwi, four potatoes, a small beetroot, and a squeezed lemon. They gave me their peels. Hyacinths and tulips served and pleased me as decoration, dead after a week. Ah yes and some black tea remains. I chopped and mixed them all and made a brew: boiled them in a pot with 1 liter water and then let it soak over night. The next day I strained the lovely and strong smelling red soup through a sieve and only the juice remained.
I need 500 ml, I add 40 g soda and 12 g vitamin c.

This is my developer and I call it “Kompostol”!
It is a very lovely, strong as well as soft developer with good blacks and nice greytones.

Now I develop almost all my photo prints with it!